Travel Team Interest Form

  • This form is only for non-LMSC travel team players.

    This form is NOT to be used for LMSC intramural players.

    The LMSC Travel Team Program is one of the largest and most successful programs in Pennsylvania and the Northeast Region. Our A teams play in top regional leagues and maintain high state, regional, and in some cases, national rankings. Our B, C, and D teams compete at high levels and enjoy successes over many top teams from other clubs. All teams are led by professional coaches who have very strong backgrounds as players and/or coaches. CLICK HERE to see the soccer backgrounds of our coaches.

    An important benefit of our large program is that we match each qualified player with a team that fits his / her level. This is critical in the player development process. Players mature at different rates and it is imperative that they play in a fun, supportive, and appropriately challenging environment to maximize their love of the game and development. Numerous players start at the B, C or D level and progress in our program, ending their high school careers as A team players and/or starters for their high school varsity teams. Many of our older A team players will play soccer in college.

    If you are interested in receiving more information about our programs and teams, and/or would like to be seen by a member of the LMSC coaching staff before tryouts, please fill out the following form. One of our Travel Team Directors will follow up with you shortly.

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  • Please check if you want to be considered for goalkeeper or field player. You may choose both if you wish to be considered for both goalie and field player.

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    This form is NOT for intramural players.

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  • As a reminder, this form is only for players who are playing travel team soccer for a club other than LMSC. This form is NOT for players who have only played at the intramural level. Please do not submit a form if you child is not currently playing on a travel team outside of LMSC.