LMSC Travel Team Parent Survey

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  • Dear Travel Team Parents,

    Our Regional Travel Team Program Director of Coaching, Dale Haines, and our Local Travel Team Program Director of Coaching, Biff Sturla are soliciting your help in evaluating your child's travel team and the team's coach. This survey is being sent to parents of players who played on an LMSC Travel Team during the fall season.

    The purpose of the survey is to help us monitor the coaching quality within the LMSC Travel Team Program. Participation in this survey is very important since the information obtained will only have meaning if we receive a high number of responses for each team. We are therefore asking that a parent of EACH travel team player submit an evaluation form (except for those older teams who are not starting their season until after the high school season is over).

    The coaches will NOT see the information submitted in this survey. We do however require that the person submitting the form include their name so that Dale and / or Biff can follow up with questions, if needed, if there is an area of great concern for a particular coach or team. Again, the coaches will NOT see your survey results.

    This survey is NOT for teams coached by Biff, Dale or Dale's son Anthony. Surveys for those teams will be sent under a different link so that those coaches do not see the results.

    Thank you very much in advance for participating in this very important survey. Information gained will be used to identify potential problem areas and help us address any concerns with the coaches. The information provided will also help us with regard to making coaching changes in the future for various teams. The information provided will also be used to identify high performing coaches in LMSC.



    Biff Sturla
    Lower Merion Soccer Club